Becoming better at Showing My Work

Because I have time to prepare, more tools available I wish to take my practice to a new level. I was a novice trying a new idea. Meanwhile, I ran different experiments. I could see some benefits, some drawbacks also. I learned some lessons.

I have the perspective to build a plan and even arrange some new tools to make it possible. I’m especially concerned by 3 aspects:

  • Half-baked posts and their lives. Cache, RSS, and Feedly don’t play well with posts on progress. After posts are eventually baked there are no benefits to keep the half-baked ones. It would end up in a huge historical site showing all states of my thinking and I’m not favorable to this. So I wish to setup a process to get the best of both worlds. Publish as waves as a live tweet journal. Gather thoughts later in consolidated posts while maintaining links.
  • More my work observable. I shared videos, I shared design on progress. I wish to go a step further and practice sense-making loud, reading/curation out loud and more importantly doing design choices, pretotyping out loud. Not sure yet how to do it.
  • All these things take time. Our time allocated to share and read what others do is not extensible. Unless your job is precisely to read, write and share you have other tasks that require attention, concentration.  My goal is to make progress in streamlining my participation so that there is no dispersion of my effort and attention while Working Out Loud. I expect some of my ideas to be beneficial for others as well. Did I mention that I plan to do this thinking “Out Loud” .
  • Finally I wish to set up a kind of accountability board. I was inspired by @TrueValhalla work at . I will start small 🙂 both in revenue and scope

So you got it my 3 aspects are intervened. So I will have to do progress in one, then a bit on another one, and on the third. Like crab:)

It will end up in a series of blog posts that I plan to share below. This post will be the master index of the series.

As said before all my posts are going to be updated so make sure you don’t read a cached copy (this could happen if you use a newsreader).

A few links to what I did and wrote so far:








My Work


New Posts

This is my plan.

What is my work?

Many tweeps know me but may not know what my work consists of really. A general overview of the different activities I conduct. I felt that before making my work observable it could be interesting to allow followers to make sense of where it is in my general activity. Like a general index of my activities. Some have been experimented in #WOL, others not. Same applies to other people practicing #WOL. They show one part but unless you know them and see them work for real you can’t figure out where it fits in their week duties.

Tools and Techniques to make one’s work observable.

My goal here is to ideate what could be the tools that would help. Some tools can be reused for other purposes ( Blab, Google Hangout On Air, Twitter). I have the advantage of being more aware than most tweeps of which technology could be turned into tools and let my imagination wander.  As we gather feedback on ideas more research could be undergone and possibly end up uncovering existing tools that can have their purpose reinvented.

More Experiments

I wish to conduct more experiments as well as follow others doing theirs. What I’m really interested is to turn it into workable practices. I’ll be the ROI oriented guy.

The first experiment took place in a long thread on tips for writing. I thought I should touch base and get some updated tips from my #PLN on the art of writing fast. The bottom line was: “Just do it”. This experiment could be seen as “Gathering information and Knowledge prior to action”.

The second was to write just after this post on my Work. Now I realize I already wrote on this topic. Strange enough I tend to repeat some topics while others remain uncovered. So before writing, I’m going to read again what I wrote to make sure I add value to my new post.

I plan to build a checklist for writing and editing. A checklist I could co-create with tweeps and apply and write on my use of it and get more feedback etc.

I plan to design and realize features of @Kneaver based on instant, early feedback obtained via #WOL

I’m planning to start a dashboard, showing instantly what I’m working on, some metrics, Here is the idea, here is my /now page where it will appear eventually.